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Questions: The washing machine has stopped on half washing and hung half-filled drum with water or reboot without forced drain does not work, what to do in such a situation

1. Disconnect the machine from the network and try to drain the water from the pump filter (below, right). To do this, take a flat container, slightly lift the front edge of the machine, substitute container and slowly unscrew the filter before the water will pour. After filling the tank, screw the filter back, drain the water and repeat the steps until all the water drain.
2. Check the filter and drain the system for blockage. Check serviceability of the pump.
3. Inspect the other elements of the washing machine.

Questions: When the button start taking on water, and after 5 minutes off

If after the water set machine does not rotate, it is possible to wear the motor brushes. If you rotate, it is possible to faulty heating element, it just has to be involved in some time after entering the water and if it does not, the electronics can osttanovit washing process.

Questions: The drum is dialed water, even when the machine is turned off ?

There may be two reasons:
1. If the water is clear, then skip the intake valve (needs to be replaced).
2. If the water is cloudy, it is not properly connected the drain hose and then the water from the sink in part goes into the machine (connect the drain hose correctly).

Questions: Washing machine Boсsh, when you turn on the error code E63 appears on the display

Engine Fault. Sometimes the error is corrected reset, but tend to either replacement of the motor brushes, or its repair or flashing the module.

Questions: Washing machine Samsung collects water and drains immediately and check the indicator lights

Often, when the electronic washing machine detects a fault more water set the stage, then the command is given to stop the wash and drain the water. The first thing to check the heater, and possibly the engine, and then go through the circuit to the electronic module.

Questions: In spin mode, there is a very strong vibration

First check whether the correct set the machine on the floor. Do not tilt, if not displaced during washing. If set rigidly, the strong vibration can also be seen from the wear of shock absorbers or tank bearing.

Questions: When the washing machine is lit lamp cover is open, but it is closed. If you press down, it starts to work.

Here there is a clear deterioration of parts. Either the tab on the door or lock hatch inside the machine housing

Questions: Washing machine Samsung display writes error UE

This imbalance of laundry, the machine can not expand it evenly to reach the spin cycle. This often happens when one wears a big thing. Try to report to the tank a few smaller things to the machine was able to balance the laundry.

Questions: Do you have any difference in the price of repair depending on the brand of refrigerator

Specifically, the brand value is not dependent. On her greater influence model - sophisticated electronics refrigerators, touch panels, broad functionality to repair more difficult, and their parts are usually more expensive. Therefore, all repairs will be more expensive. But the final price is also dependent on the type of failure - it will call master immediately prior to repair.

Questions: If any breakages repair will be unprofitable

But the question of the advantage or disadvantage of the customer decides to repair. We just call the cost of works and parts. For example, can be disadvantageous freon repairing damaged tubes, which are enclosed in the housing wall

Questions: How often should I defrost the refrigerator

The frequency is specified in the instructions to the device. Conventional refrigerators with static evaporator requires defrosting times in half a year. Rime freezes stronger when the damaged door seal, as well as if the freezer is often a long time to open and put it unpackaged products. Then defrost will need more often. But it is better to remove the cause of the rapid freezing. Models with No Frost system defrosted do not need at all. They quietly frost melts under the influence of internal heater.

Questions: How long does the refrigerator repair

Usually our Master cope with the task quickly - up to two hours. It is enough for high-quality repair and diagnostics. But the work can be finished earlier. It depends on the type of fault and placing the refrigerator. Sometimes push and deploy the device for longer and more difficult than the place of the item.

Questions: Dishwasher Bosch shows error E04

E04 Error in the dishwasher BOSCH - means damage to the flow switch. It is necessary to check it for serviceability.

Questions: Dishwasher Bosch became bad to wash the dishes, the water is not heated, the dishes are not dried, hang on a program

If the dishwasher does not heat the water, the 99% confidence faulty water heater. If the water is not heated, and the dishes will not dry. In your dishwasher water drying is due to condensation of water, namely the water is heated to evaporate and then condense drying dishes.

Questions: Dishwasher for day or night is filled with dirty water, before such was not, and is the smell

Chances are, you have something with sewage or with drain pump, is required on-site inspection. Water is, in theory, in the dishwasher can only be filled from the mains, if the valve is broken, but so dirty, our practice is the first time.

Questions: Dishwasher bosh selecting any washing cycle increases the time to a few hours to a place 116 minute washes around three to four hours

If the dishwasher washes dishes for a long time and there are spots that prchina may be clogged drain filter. The pump can not pump out all the water and not transferred to the rinse in the sink. Check the drain filter, and then clean it. If this does not help, check the series - Water heater drain pump and the water supply valve.