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In terms frantic pace of modern life washing machine - an indispensable attribute of every home. Big Wash at the end of each week, which 15 years ago left a day off, now, thanks to this automatic assistants, takes from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours without too much physical effort on the part of man. How to choose a washing machine, what are the main features and functions it must have to meet you at 100%? Let's try to figure it out before you end up in a store of household appliances.
Before you make a purchase of a washing machine, it is necessary to determine the place where it will stand. This is important, because depend on it any size should be in the car.

To date, there are washing machines with two different load belya- vertical and frontal.
Washing machines with frontal load more common and cheaper than their vertical counterparts. The door they located from the facade, the drum rotation axis is parallel to the floor and they have a great variety in size, ... Read more »

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Built-in refrigerator

The only advantage of the built-in refrigerator is that it perfectly fits the design of your kitchen. On its door are only visible indicators and temperature sensors, through which you can control the operation of the refrigerator, not even opening his door. To ensure the safe operation of the unit in most furniture made special slot for air circulation around kompressora.Po price usually are more expensive than their counterparts fridges of similar size, and their useful volume is half of volume of space that they occupy.
repair of refrigerators on domuEsche one important selection criterion is the number of refrigerator refrigerator chambers. Possible number ranging from one to three.
Single Door Refrigerators are mainly composed of refrigerating compartment, though there are also models with a small freezer compartment.
Most popular are refrigerators with two cameras (refrigerator and freezer).
The primary when choosing a refr ... Read more »

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Repair of home appliances: promptness, reasonable price and high quality of work
Our service center offers its services on the repair of household appliances in the home. We employ only professionals.
No modern home is simply impossible to imagine without many electric devices, significantly facilitate the life of a housewife. Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators - all these devices take on the implementation of a wide variety of jobs around the house, can save time and effort.
But despite the fact that the domestic manufacturers tend to use assistants in their design durable parts and assemblies, they do sometimes fail. The reasons for this may be to ignore the requirements of the periodic maintenance of equipment or violation of rules of operation, poor-quality water, or voltage drops in the network, any mechanical damage. But in any case it is necessary to contact the professionals to restore functionality of ... Read more »

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