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Probably everyone at least once conceived as arranged and how the dryer machine. I want to talk a little bit and reveal a terrible secret.

To begin with how it works? The dryer is designed to remove residual moisture from the items after washing. The drying fabric is due to the thermal effects of a hot flow of heated air in the drum. The moisture condenses and is displayed in a special bin for collecting condensate. For uniform, things drying drum rotates continuously. In each of the drying machine incorporated programs for cotton items, synthetics, woolen goods and silk and light fabrics.

The structure of the dryer just to ugliness. There is a flow-through dryer which is actually responsible for heating. Engine that performs the rotation of the drum. Timing belt - transmits torque to the drum dryer. Condensate Pump Capacity (incidentally professional dryers are not automatic condensate pump. Here the remains of moisture in the form of steam output in the atmosphere ... Read more »

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