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The first phase of installation of the dishwasher - the acceptance device and deliverance from its packaging.

It all starts with a simple. Ordering a whirlpool machine through a delivery service, take your time in order to sign on its successful delivery when service staff will bring the unit to your home. In your presence, these people have to unpack "dishwasher", then you need to become thoroughly familiar with the outside of her view, to ensure the absence of any damage to the housing stock and component parts.

Having familiarized with the appearance of the dishwasher bosch 45 and making sure that it complies with a warranty, check the condition of the inner parts, lightly shaking the car. After hearing other sounds, such as the sound, the creak or rattle - you know, you have every right to refuse this instance due to the fault of the dishwasher and request a new one.

We must always remember that in any conflict situation Faults dishwashers exact ... Read more »

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 your washer displays an error code, there are some actions that might correct it.


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