The summer season is very well known for a hot and humid weather. Because of the extreme heat and humidity, food, especially vegetables tend to lose their freshness or spoil after a short time. The refrigerator comes very handy especially during hot and humid weather as it preserves food for some days until consumption. Meat, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, including other foods can be stored without spoilage. This as a result saves you money as well as time as you don’t have to go to the groceries every day. With great care and proper maintenance, the appliance will serve you for many years. However, a time may come when the refrigerator breaks down. It’s important to call for professional refrigerator services immediately after appliance breaks down to prevent electrical accidents. Having your fridge repaired will not only help prevent electrical accidents, but it will also prevent your energy bills from spiking.

  • Compressor replacement
  • Computers replacement
  • Evaporators and condenser fan motors replacement
  • Thermostat and defrost thermostat replacement
  • Seal systems repair
  • Defrost heater replacement
  • Defrost thermostat replacement