Good afternoon
Current weather is changeable, is not it?
And we on former working)
One of the repairs was in the church.
There are appliances, which sometimes breaks down.
So we drove to God and repaired thing.
Good day to you)

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Hello everybody
Allow me to show you odlnu of our works today.
This Samsung refrigerator. It has broken the icemaker.
Repair was successful.
You know - we are always so)

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We repaired the Viking stove today.
It was necessary to make the change of reducer.
Of course we have successfully coped with this task)
Stove works great!)

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Our specialists carry out repairs of your equipment and are in different places. On the way to one of the clients, we noticed just such an interesting gizmo.
You can leave your pet while the owner goes to the store.
Comfortable and very practical)
See you next time.

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Today, one of our work was aimed at repairing washer Kenmore.
There was a leak. Our employees have found the cause of the leak and fix it.
Every time when we are working with you, we are certainly show a good result.

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Today we did the repair BOSCH dryer.
The appliance has ceased hot. Thus, not doing his job.
We found the damage and eliminated it.

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Hi there)
From us another piece of reporting publications.
This time it Washer BOSCH.
Problems with drainage water.
But you know that your appliances is in good hands and everything will be repaired perfectly!)

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Hi there)
Great weather in New York!
A few days ago there was snow, and already spring pleases everyone warm.
We wish you a wonderful weather for the next week also.
And we will be happy to please you with our service)
Call us if you have something broke of appliance.

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Hi there.
We continue to go to repair your appliances.
Today, one of these visits was dedicated to replacing evaporator.
Every time when you apply to us, you are accessing the the professionals.

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Hot water in the house - it's convenient and correct.
When broken water hitter - it is very unpleasant.
Our experts today made such repairs

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