Today, our specialists have been repairing the professional washing machine Electrolux.

The machine is very difficult to work with, but we did an excellent job of repairing it)

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Repair of electric ignition at Bosch stove.

Symptoms: piezo-ignition after turning on the burner in the working state, worked constantly.

Master troubleshoot stove works fine.

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Replacement of control board in Indesit dishwasher

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Good morning)
Today we installed the Electrolux dishwasher.
Now it will please its owners and give them more free time)

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On this spring day, our specialists do the repair oven Frigidaire.
We replaced the motherboard.
Have a nice day)

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Good day)
We continue to give a report on the work done.
Recently, we changed gas valve on Fredgidaire.
This is a very responsible job.
It is necessary to check whether a gas leak has occurred.
Our specialists perfectly coped with the work)

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Hello everyone)
With different switches we come across all day long.
In the kitchen stove it also are.
We made repairs in the KitchenAid stove.
It was necessary to replace the switches.

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We continue to tell and show the everyday life of our work.
This time, we repaired the Commercial fridge.
It, like the stove from the previous publication, was in the church)
The repair was successful)
Everything works perfectly.

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Hello everybody
Service home appliances repair is always on hand!
We are happy to help individuals and organizations.
The other day we have been repairing commercial stove.
It was in the church.
Contact us tel. ‎(718) 238-2966

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Today we repaired the stove "Profile".
Required replacement of ignater.
The beautiful stove is now also working!
All thanks to our qualified specialists!)
Please, contact us!

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