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Quite often exploiting refrigerator, faced with the emergence of water in the refrigerator or under the refrigerator. Usually this does not attach much importance, postponing an investigation where all the same did the water for later. Meanwhile, if time does not eliminate the cause, it can lead to serious defects often require time and money.

So where did all the water is taken?

Water in the refrigerator - is condensed moisture from the air and products formed on the evaporator, which can reach a temperature of - 30 C.

Where you may receive water, and for what reason?

1. The water in the cooling chamber.

If the evaporator is, in the refrigerator, the water can emerge in the refrigerator, it usually accumulates at the bottom under the vegetable crates. Upon reaching the preset temperature, the refrigerator compressor is switched off and the frozen layer of frost on the evaporator, this evaporator called "weeping" melts and leaves its ... Read more »

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The reason for the guaranteed malfunctions during operation of refrigeration equipment is the contamination of the condenser. Contamination of the capacitor leads to an increase in pressure and the refrigerant condensing temperature of refrigerant and the oil, which causes clogging of capillary duct disintegration of oil products and an increase in the load on the compressor. Even earlier than any problems with clogging of the capillary, there drop in the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit, raises the temperature in the refrigerated volume and the motor-compressor is no longer switched off. If the owner just does not pay attention to the fact that the equipment operates continuously is not turned off, then the next stage - the failure of the motor-compressor. Thus, non-compliance with a low-cost maintenance procedures for cleaning the condenser, leads to the most expensive major overhaul - the need to replace the motor-compressor.

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Under the service life is understood as the calendar length of use of the product until the emergence of the state, resulting in a loss of efficiency of the refrigerator. refrigerators lifetime can reach 16 - 20 years. However, the "moral" aging refrigerators occurs so rapidly that the actual period is limited to 4 - 7 years.
The term of service of the refrigerator, as well as the warranty period specified in the manufacturer's data sheet. When using the product after the end of this life, the responsibility for the consequences borne by the owner.

Reliability - property products perform specified functions, while maintaining its operating characteristics within the specified limits for the specified time. The main indicator of reliability - reliability, ie property products continue to operate during the period of time set by.
There are sudden and gradual failures. Sudden failures occur as a result of a combination of adverse factors, so their appe ... Read more »

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The refrigeration unit operates as follows. Motor-compressor pumps the refrigerant vapors from the evaporator and the condenser in their pumps. The capacitor pair freon cooled and condensed. Then the liquid freon through the filter drier and capillary tubing enters the evaporator. Hydraulic resistance of a capillary conduit is selected in such a way as to create a definite difference between the condensing pressure and suction that creates a compressor, through a conduit in which a certain amount of liquid passed. Each capillary corresponds to a motor-compressor. On entering the refrigerant evaporator, the pressure drops from the condensing pressure and the boiling pressure. This process is called throttling. Thus there is a boiling refrigerant, entering the evaporator channels Freon boils, the energy required to heat a boil, taken from the surface of the evaporator, cooling the air in the refrigerator. After passing through the evaporator the liquid freon is converted into steam, w ... Read more »

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