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The most popular gas stove fault - problems with the hob. Often the first noticeable flame attenuated, then disappears completely. The main reason for this phenomenon appears blockage dividers or burners. This sloppy cooking results. Thus vykipevshy broth, sauce, leading to clogging of the small holes. Furthermore, they can block the detergent particles.

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Repairs is divided into a current, recovery and overhaul. Capital - a substantial overhaul of fixed assets, the largest in volume form of scheduled maintenance, under which a disassembly of the unit, replacing all worn parts and assemblies, repeated not less than one year (in maintenance unit or do not understand, or disassembled part, without replacement or repair of basic parts). After overhaul the technical parameters of the machine should be closer to the original. Often at the same time carried out and modernization.

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Complex strategies protective functions of technical systems aimed at reducing the severity or prevent failures.

Maintenance - preventive measures carried out systematically forced through the established periods, including a specific set of works.

All work is to maintain the necessary level of technical state of equipment are divided into the maintenance, repair, modernization and replacement.

Maintenance is divided into regulated and unregulated.

Regulate maintenance includes work performed in accordance with the technical documentation is mandatory after a certain mileage, operating time or the time interval for pre-approved regulations. Such works usually include: replacement of lubrication units, replacement of some critical of wearing and easy to replace parts, test vessels and hoisting devices, adjustment and commissioning of the responsible working machines (eg winders), periodic maintenance special plan and regulations, and so on. n., as well ... Read more »

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