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All cases of damage to the washing machine can be divided into common and rare. How do they differ is clear from the title. In 90% of cases of departure for repair wizard faces it with typical faults. With that, they are typical for machines of all brands and types. This is understandable - the working conditions and the design of all machines are very similar. Of course, they have a place to be and "branded" breakage, but logically attributed to the second category.

All that do not fall into the above 90% can rightly be considered a failure atypical cases. This failure is attributed to the fault of the owner, factory defects and flaws in the assembly. The most complex faults - "floating". This is when the machine "that works, does not work." Identification and elimination of "crickets" only by a qualified technician to repair washing machines with a wealth of experience.

And now enumerate the basic fault of the washing machine ... Read more »

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Manufacturers of household appliances for the house has in its line of several types of machines for drying clothes: extraction, condensing and heat pump. Connecting the dryer each species has its own characteristics, which is caused by the principle of the work products. For example, exhaust units produced by drying exhaust air with moisture in the ventilation system. Condensation products work as follows: the heated air to the chamber with the laundry, moisture collects and passes through a heat exchanger mounted. After that, the moisture accumulates in a special tray, which is necessary after every power to devastate. With regard to the heat pump machines, they basically operate similarly to the previous embodiment. The only difference is that no moist air passes through the heat exchanger and the evaporator.

In private homes often make the installation of exhaust drying machines to be connected to the ventilation and electricity. If it is not possible to derive the duct, ... Read more »

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To clearly see how to connect the washing machine, you must read the accompanying instructions carefully. All operations starting with the removal of packaging and finishing filling with water for the first washing should be carried out accurately by the rules.

Necessarily it is necessary to remember that proper installation of washing machine - is the key to trouble-free and safe operation.

Solving the problem of how to connect the washing machine is sometimes used unusual variant of installation - in the hallway. If the hallway space allows placement of the unit and can be connected to a located next to Communications, then this option may prove to be quite ergonomic.

Once defined the place of installation and removal of the packaging carried out, remove the shipping details (bolts, clamps and bars), as well as elements of the fasteners that hold the rotating machine parts during transportation. When unscrewing the shipping bolts from the car tank hangs on ... Read more »

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