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If all of a sudden, it was observed that the washing machine does not heat the water, you need to take immediate action. Without proper heating laundry does not make sense. Temperature should be carried out at all stages of the machine, but in this case it is to wash dirt on laundry and clothing. But what to do in case of breakage, and can solve it?

The washing machine has a water level sensor. When the water reaches a certain point, the sensor is triggered, the circuit is closed, and the heating element starts to heat up. But it happens that the probe blasted various garbage it ceases to leak, therefore, ceases to work. As a result, the washing machine does not heat the water, losing its main function. The situation can be corrected by cleaning the tube sensor or replace the device.

In the washing machine has a thermostat. This heating water sensor which signals the control system when it is necessary to include heating and when off. If it is damaged, water can be h ... Read more »

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When preparing the cake is very long, pale remains on the one hand, despite the fact that the controller is exposed to the maximum temperature that can be suspected the failure of one of the heating elements. Define it is quite simple - you need a few seconds to turn on the oven, then touch tenam previously defended hands tack. If there is no heating - elements must be replaced. These parts usually are inexpensive and you can change them without much effort.

If all heaters work exhibited oven to the desired temperature, and a cake at the same time is not baked for an hour already, perhaps it's all about damage to the thermostat. Reliably identify such damage at home ordinary consumers is difficult, therefore, without having to call the master can not do.

Models with electronic display is often programmed to self-diagnosis. In other words, when an error occurs in the system are in the form of symbols display information about it on the screen. Oven Error Codes Eac ... Read more »

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E01 - in the power system failure.

All codes E01, E02, E03, E04 and E05 indicate a problem with the power supply module.

E06 - Problems with the door lock (contactor) - It is necessary to check the door switch

E07 - Problem drying fan - Fan drying is defective or does not work.

E08 - Low levels of water in the tank

E09 - Error heating element (defective heater)

E10 - flow sensor error (weak flow of water can lead to overheating of the heating element)

E11 - NTC thermistor faulty Faulty wiring or safety thermostat

E13 - Too high a temperature at the inlet of the system exceeds 75 ˚ C

If the dishwasher is connected to hot water, this error may indicate a temperature sensor fault or temperature is too high.

E14 - Faulty water meter sensor (reed switch) - Perhaps the pressure of the water supply system is too high

E15 - Water based ... Read more »

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Codes washing machines errors General Electric

Code Errors
 IE  the water level sensor is faulty
 7E  Problem with the water supply system
 Е  Faulty discharge of water
 dЕ  The error appears when uncovered dvertse.Neispravnost hatch locking device  system
 UЕ  Disrupted balancing drum
 OE  Overflow water
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E 1 - Set of water produced with an error (detects the water level in the tank)  - Do not fill with water.

E 2 - Error during draining water from the machine - One reason: the blockage of the drain filter, or pump failure.

E 3 - The system is fixed overflow with water when the machine set - Within 2 minutes the automatic drain is included

DE, DOOR - Door locked problem - Possible cause - not closed the door

E 4 - The total weight of the loaded laundry items do not meet the specifications of the selected mode.

E5, E6 - The error caused during the heating of water

E6 - points directly to the problem of heating equipment

E 7 - Error testing the water level sensor in the tank of the washing machine.

E 8 - The problem caused by the temperature acquired by the water and its heating in accordance with the selected program. Most likely faulty heater.

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