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Apparatus dishwasher
Every dishwasher has a standard set of components, and the different models from each other by various additional options. We will not deal with some sensors, such as Aqua Sensor, which evaluate water clarity. These nuances are so subtle that test them on the ground is hardly possible. Thus, a dishwasher includes:

- Rocker arm through which the water jets hit the dish.
- The main pipe with pump which creates pressure.
- TEN, sometimes flow.
- Drain pump for discharge of dirty water.
- Main filter at the bottom of the working chamber.
- Compartment with salt at the bottom of the working chamber.
- Compartment with rinse aid on the door.

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Broken washing machine leads to a rapid accumulation of large amounts of dirty laundry. Looking for something to do, with urgently. For example, to wash by hand, buy a new car, or call the master to repair washing machines with their own hands.

What should I do if the machine broke down?

Try to understand that the best thing to do in such situations.

Hand washing clothes - certainly, this is the only way to wash clothes without a car. To do this, you need to spend a few hours of their time - wash, rinse, spin, and all this with your own hands! Labour costs are just incredible, so it is best to look for another way out
Buying a new machine - if there is extra money, then why not? Feel free to go to the store and buy a new washing machine there. But is not it better to leave the money on something else - the cost of new technology is high enough!
Call the master - the master repair washing machines quickly will find the fault and return the car to l ... Read more »

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